Who’s got most followers in Twitter?

Use Twitter? Interested in cycling? Perhaps following information is useful for you get to know participating cyclers.

One week before the start of the Baltic Chain Tour, organisers took the list of the participating cyclers and checked who use Twitter and how many followers they have. As people tend to like all kinds of Top-10, Top-100, we made one also. Although there is not much information in it, at least you have the opportunity to see who has Twitter account and what they are sharing.

About quarter of the starters have Twitter account. Most of them have more than 100 followers. Which means they are not tweeting to empty yard and they share something that keeps people interested. Most followers has Niels Albert – more than 24 000. He has more followers than other riders and teams altogether. Massive, isn’t it? Hopefully the following list is somehow useful to you and perhaps you find some new riders to follow during the Tour and after.

Top-20 most followers in Twitter:

 1. Niels Albert @Niels_Albert 24353 (BKCP-Powerplus)

2. Dieter Vanthourenhout @vanthourenhout 2966 (BKCP-Powerplus)

3. David van der Poel @Davidvanderpoel 2146 (BKCP-Powerplus)

4. Philipp Walsleben @pwalsleben 1402 (BKCP-Powerplus)

5. Marcus Faglum-Karlsson @FaglumMarcus 419 (National Team Sweden)

6. Emils Liepins @Emils_Liepins 353 (Alpha – Baltic/Unitymarathons.com)

7. Andris Smirnovs @Andris_Smirnovs 330 (Rietumu – Delfin)

8. Paavo Paajanen @PaavoPaajanen 303 (TWD – Länken)

9. Lubomir Petrus @Lubomir_Petrus 291 (BKCP-Powerplus)

10. Andris Vosekalns @Andris_Vosekaln 283 (Rietumu – Delfin)

11. Robert Pölder @RobertPolder 264 (National Team Sweden)

12. Christian Bertilsson @BertilssonChri 253 (National Team Sweden)

13. Henrik Abom @HenkeAbom 218 (National Team Sweden)

14. Elias Angell Spikseth @EliasAngell 209 (Froy – Bianchi)

15. Mihkel Räim @mihkelraim 182 (Team Saaremaa)

16. Reijo Puhm @ReijoPuhm  166 (Rietumu – Delfin)

17. Mikko Paajanen @MikkoPaajanen 148 (TWD – Länken)

18. Siim-Erik Alamaa @SEAlamaa 145 (National Team Estonia)

19. Endrik Puntso @puntsoo  140 (Team Saaremaa)

20. Martin Laas @Laaaasu  133 (Team Saaremaa)

20. Timmo Jeret @timmo_jeret 133 (Team Saaremaa)

The following riders also have Twitter account: Indulis Bekmanis, Erki Pütsep, Sami Tiainen, Samuel Pökälä, Mihkel Ronimois, Rigo Räim, Alo Jakin, Marco Mathis, Trond Hakon Trondsen, Adrian Banszek.