Baltic Chain Tour Starts

As Estonia is getting ready to celebrate its 30th independence restoration day we are getting ready to start our tour. This year Covid19 has affected the list of participating teams. After team managers meeting only 19 teams from the original 29 team list are confirmed to start the tour.

The final confirmed starting list can be downloaded here.

Today’s weather was hectic. We had sun, rain, and wind but luckily we saw that weather gods were on our side and race days should be sunny and warm.

Tour will start from Tallinn and finish in Valga after stage 3 that mostly visits Latvia. All our stages info is available on our website under the Program link.

Every day we have live video broadcasts from start to finish. Broadcasts start 5 minutes before the stage start. Broadcast with English commentary is up on our website under Live menu link. Broadcast in Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian commentary is broadcasted on Facebook under the Baltic Chain Tour page.

Check out race legend for each stage from our website and come to cheer the cyclists on the road. If you’re not in Estonia or Latvia then follow Twitter and Instagram accounts for latest news and posts.

All of todays teams presentation photos can be found on our Flickr account: