Love from first sight, or the Škoda, SKO Motors’ support for the Baltic Chain Cycling Tour since 2011

Estonia’s cycling summer has been marked by a special sports event since 2011 – the Baltic Chain Cycling Tour, which has brought together thousands of cyclists from all over the world over the years.

However, this unique event would not be possible without supportive partners who are ready to contribute their resources and passion for the success of this grand event. One such loyal and consistently supportive team is Škoda, SKO Motors, and We Love Cycling Estonia, who have been an integral part of the Baltic Chain Cycling Tour from the very beginning.

Škoda: Guide for Cycling Enthusiasts.

Škoda is known for its long history and dedication in the automotive and sports world, and it doesn’t just limit itself to cars. For years, Škoda has been a partner in various sports and cultural events, serving as an example of support to others. The Baltic Chain Cycling Tour is no exception. Since the first cyclist started to ride, Škoda has been a collaborator and partner in cycling sports. Their vehicles are not only prominently present from the beginning to the end of the event but also ensure logistical support and safety throughout the route.

SKO Motors and We Love Cycling Estonia: Local Connection, Global Support.

SKO Motors (formerly Škoda Laagri) and We Love Cycling Estonia are part of the local community, and this has always been an important aspect in the context of both Estonia and the Baltic Chain Cycling Tour. SKO Motors and We Love Cycling bring together the Škoda brand and a sporting passion, creating a unique connection between the event and the local sports community. This local connection is what makes the Baltic Chain Cycling Tour special and helps create unforgettable memories. This year, SKO Motors contributes with 11 support vehicles, like carefully selected gears that drive the entire event and keep it running.

Uniting Passion and Community

With their consistent support at the Baltic Chain Cycling Tour, SKO Motors and We Love Cycling Estonia have shown that this event means more to them than just sponsorship. It’s an opportunity to unite a passion for sports and adventures with supporting the local community to create something bigger. SKO Motors’ contribution has helped transform the Baltic Chain Cycling Tour into not only one of the largest cycling events in the region but also a platform where people can come together, share experiences, and create unforgettable moments.

So, when the next Baltic Chain Cycling Tour begins and the cycling community is filled with excitement and anticipation, we can be sure that Škoda, SKO Motors, and We Love Cycling Estonia will be there once again, supporting the ongoing success of this event and inspiring all of us to ride more, explore, and connect with each other.